I am looking for a source for galvanized pans that could serve as table
centerpieces (with pansies in them) for a wedding. I will need about 20
pans. I am thinking of something that is shaped about like a feed tub. Maybe
4" high and 14" in diameter. Do you have any idea where I might find such a

Best Wishes,

Veronica Shulman
Channel Editor

"There's no place like Mom."



I'm sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. I've been in Las Vegas gambling away all of my proceeds from selling kitchenware and containers on Ebay.

Though we are not aware of galvanized tubs meeting your criteria, you might try using small galvanized pails. If you can't find them readily at your local garden supply store, you can use a little Martha Stewart-ish trick I learned… Citronella candles frequently come in little galvanized pails. How cute. They're available by the case from this site.

I hope this information finds you before the wedding occurs. Please let us know what solutions, if any, you come up with from this vexing predicament.

Yours in service,

Dan TubAndPotClub.com

P.S. mom.com needs more info on container technology.

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