I found your site by accident (of course, that's usually how we
find them) and it is exactly what I need.

I have two small girls ages 3 yrs. and 18 mnths that love to take a bath
outside in the summer. I have a regular galvanized tub (like the one in
your first porn picture) but with two girls, they are quickly outgrowing
it. I am looking for a tub like the one in your second porn picture.
By the way, I don't normally look at porn but was quite curious what
kind of Tub and Pot porn there could be so I peeked and was pleasantly

Based on the website documentation, this is a barter company which is
great cause my husband and I often barter for many, many things. If you
could tell me how I can get my hands on one of those tubs, I will put an
adorable picture of my little girl in her tub wearing nothin but her
cowboy hat on the tub and pot porn. It's really, really cute.

I really appreciate any assistance you could give me and keep on



Without knowing your location, we'd recommend a quick search on E-bay
for "galvanized tub." That will usually turn up a number
of acceptable items, so long as you're not looking to buy in bulk. It
is also often the most affordable way to obtain a tub or pot.

If you clue us in to your geographic location, we can either hook you
up with a nearby Tub and Pot Club member for bartering, or point you to
the nearest affiliated tub and/or pot supplier. (Our partners often
offer discounts to club members.)

The Tub and Pot pornography section was an afterthought of sorts. We're
glad you enjoyed it. Tub and Pot Club members kept sending odd
container related pictures to us. As our benefactor Mrs.
Peabody is somewhat of a bawdy old woman, she suggested that we make
them available to the public. Given the specious content of some of the
images, some here insisted that we classify it as pornography. The most
recent addition is a picture of one of our first member's dogs in a tub
he acquired in exchange for a rare lidded iron tub. (Tubs seldom have

Though my associates fear retribution for posting topless pictures of
minors on our site, rest assured Mrs. Peabody would be more than happy
to post such a picture. Please provide us with the requested
information and we'll see what we can do.


Dan Dreifort

Hi Dan.

Thank you for your speedy reply.

I apologize for not sending my address. I've gotten so paranoid these days
about people tracking you down and stealing your identity I forgot to tell you
where I live. I live in CT.

Any info you could give me on local shops and/or members would be greatly
appreciated. I'd love to join your club. Also, I have to find someone to
scan the picture in for me so I can send it to you via email. I will get that
done for you as soon as possible, as promised.

Thank you again for your help and take care....



I was just in your neck of the woods last week. Our headquarters are in
the sleepy hills of SE Ohio, but business took me to Rhode Island for a
few days. Newport is beautiful this time of year… very few tourists.
Though we've no members in the immediate area there are options other
than barter.

Gray and Holt sell tubs in all shapes and sizes. They'll give you 5%
off orders of $50 or more, and even larger discounts on big shipments;
just ask for David and mention "the tubandpotclub.com discount."

You could always switch to a Rubbermaid-ish receptacle, and then contact
the folks at Connecticut Galvanizing, located in Glastonbury. They can galvanize most
existing items. Their galvanizing vats are enormous - even by industry

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to call on us.

Yours in service,


Thank you again

As promised, attached should be a picture of my daughter in the tub her
and her sister have now outgrown.

This is (of course) for the exclusive viewing on the Tub and Pot Club
page and is not to be used elsewhere without my consent.

Thank you again for all your help and next time your in the area, let me
know and I could show you around a bit.


(and daughter age 1)


I was in Cleveland for my mother's 60th birthday last weekend. She
advised against putting any uncensored kiddie-tub pictures online. As
mothers are always right, (?!?!?) I'll provide your daughter with the usual black
"CENSORED" bars over pertinent areas. (You'll have to explain this one
in about 15 years, not me!) Believe it or not, children have been taken
away from their mothers for less... though I think higher courts
eventually overturn such decisions...

"What a world. What a world."
-Wicked Witch of the West [while melting]


Dan Dreifort
Certified Tub Expert

No problem. I appreciate the caution and concern for our well-being.

Wish mom a very happy birthday for me and I look forward to seeing the picture

Thanx again,

Certified Mom