Hi, I am excited to find your site. I am looking to purchase a galvanized bath tub for a tubless friend for Christmas.
Any suggestions on where to find one.




Exactly how excited are you?

We're full of suggestions... or so some would say... but not others...

Galvanized bathtubs are becoming increasingly rare as porcelain and plastic tubs become more popular. These days, galvanized tubs of the size you seek are often relegated to ornamental duties or extravagance. If you're looking for an affordable tub for said tubless friend, you should consider a secondhand container. They're not difficult to locate.

If you're looking for something a bit more spiffy, the friendly folks at cumberlandgeneral.com have the best galvanized bathtub on the market today.

The galvanized the tub is supported by a red oak cradle. Its legs are 2 " thick The top is capped with a solid red oak rim that's 3" wide. The overall dimensions are 21 " high by 59 " long. Width is 27" It costs $850 and shipping will run you between $150 and $200 not including the crating fee of $30 There are currently two in stock. Call 1-800-334-4640 to order - and be sure to tell them that TubAndPotClub.com sent you, you might be able to get our discount if you tell them you're a member.



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