I am looking for an 18 - 20 inch oval galvinized tub to use in making a table top water fountain.
Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
The tub should be no more than 6 inches deep.

Thank you

Karol Gaskill


Wow. What an inventive way to use a tub. The compound next to our headquarters sports an in-ground fountain consisting of an old galvanized watering can supported by crumbling concrete pouring into an equally old circular galvanized planter tub. My guess is that both components weren't so old when the lawn-art was created as the pervasive holes in both necessitate that the whole shebang be refilled regularly from a hose - which they regularly borrow and seldom return without a friendly neighborly nudge or three…

Depending on the exact measurements of your desired tub, we might be able to help. We've a line on an oblong oval tub (with drain) (no lid) measuring 18 inches in width. Its extensive length might be prohibitive for your tabletop though.

Also, this product might be close enough. It's a triple 0 (000) size tub and measures approximately 15 3/4" long x 10" wide x 5 1/2" deep. (The flowers don't come with the tub, they're just there for marketing purposes.) The folks at Loss Creek Antiques & Collectables have a temperamental webpage where you can purchase said tub - if it's down, email this guy - ron@web-access.net Tell him TubAndPotClub.com sent you and he'll give you our discount.

Let us know what happens - send pictures.


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