I notice that you don't have "A Pot to Piss In" or your site.
Or have I overlooked something?

Mr. Gibson


Well Mr. Gibson,

I'd say that your grammar don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of - (an old colloquialism for "poor.") So… you like to end phrases with prepositions... easily the greater of our alleged overlooked evils. A preposition is, after all, one of a small number of relational (function) words like "in," "on," "behind," etc. which are known as prepositions because they are "pre-posed" or "placed before" the phrases they introduce.

To determine your Y2K grammar readiness, you might want to take this quiz.

The pot of which I'm assuming you speak is usually one of those containers around which we at Tub and Pot Central tread lightly - mostly because our otherwise anal society has developed a certain taboo around it.(pun intended) We *have* however touched on the subject, though only slightly

-This T&P article examines some issues pertaining to etiquette surrounding an accessory commonly used with said pot.

-This T&P feature image (obtained illegally) is of a female using a pot similar to the one you describe.

Really though, you are correct to bring this issue to our attention. We welcome you to compose an essay, be it: informational, controversial, gonzo, or otherwise in nature, for our site. That preposition thing is a real pet peeve of mine. I'm seeking counseling

Yours in service,

Tub and Pot Club

Mr. Dan,

Although you are correct that "Don't have a pot to piss in" does end with a preposition, I am merely quoting a well-known colloquialism, which would seem to absolve me from your stinging (but undoubtedly constructive) criticism. As I'm sure you're aware, the phrase was coined by another jolly soul long before you or I entered this mortal coil, much less before we developed an appreciation for household urine receptacles. I should also add that it has more "bite" than "Not having a pot in which to piss."

You say that misplaced prepositions are one of society's greater overlooked evils. Are we to imply that the American public's lazy "let the prepositions fall where they may" attitude is contributing to a decline in standards, grammatical and otherwise? Furthermore, what does this mean for pot-poor individuals with incontinence?

Mr. Gibson

Mr Gibson,

Again, you are correct. My response was an unprovoked and unjustified outbreak. Can you believe that somebody at Webster's or some similar literary magnate-ish entity recently "declared" that prepositions at the end of sentences are "ok" - seeing as how such blasphemy has become common practice?!? I suppose next we'll legalize baby raping just because it's suddenly popular? Harumph! I for one am NOT amused. YOU wouldn't support baby raping… now would you?

As for folk with no pot, nor bladder/sphincter control, I suggest they get innovative. This page contains a wealth of groundbreaking ideas from our past, some of which might be of some assistance. I'm sure such people ought to have more pressing issues on their minds than those pertaining to prepositional form - though the chaos theory might suggest otherwise.

Mr. Dan


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