Robert Rile's speech focused on pots; one of the most exciting and diverse members of the container realm. Unfortunately most of the convention attendees had lost their focus by the time Mr. Rile approached the podium. If you can aid in our memory of events in any fashion, please visit our very special 1998/1999 Convention Memories page.
Actual outline text appears in black. Interpretation and comments in red subtext.
The Flying Mantra

I Introduction -

The esteemed speaker introduces himself to the tub and pot enthusiasts and cracks a container joke or two.

IA The WORD POT - A sweeping yet concise overview of the semantic issues associated with the word "pot."
 A. Pots and Pans A similar but less informative discourse can be found by following this link.
 B. Pot and The venerable speaker seems to have omitted part of this outline entry. Perhaps he was being enigmatic?
 C. Potters and Potheads - Making Pot Happen Paying homage to those who are actively potting.
II My History With Pots Robert Rile boldly portrays his expertise.
 A. Nelson Dining Hall A large college feeding hall.
 B. Events A restaurant now known as Skipper's.
 C. Wings and Rings Similar to BW3.
 D. Casa Nueva Worker owned restaurant/bar where Mr. Rile worked/owned at the time of this now infamous speech.
  1. Bean Pots Casa makes lots of beans.
  2. Rice Pot - I almost brought it And rice too, but in different pots.
  3. Other Pots They use pots for other things too.
  4. Cleaning Pots Our revered orator shares his adroit knowledge of pot sanitation.
III Pots vs. Pans This section seems to be very similar to section IA subsection A.
IV The Ceremonial Cleaning of the Pot Mr. Rile leads all members through the complicated rite of cleaning one of the largest pots known to humankind.
V Pot and Music After a moderately lengthy spiel on Pot and music. Mr. Rile, also an accomplished musician, led our group in an impromptu pot, pan, bucket and lid jam - until the neighbors complained.
VII Conclusion We wonder what happened to section VI?!? No matter. The good doctor wrapped things up and signed a few autographs before heading back to the keg line.
D.A.H.A.P. ? Don't know what this stands for. Maybe - Dogs Are Happy And Playful?