Don't pages look really crappy without some sort of flashy colorful banner up top?

We at Tub and Pot Central think so too.

Our designers are working overtime on the new Y2K line of cookware, leaving us without a banner to add to our upcoming 2000 Tub and Pot Convention Report page.

That's where you come in.

Send us a 600 x 100 banner no larger than 30k in either GIF or JPG format to

Our team of judges will choose the best entry for positioning on our upcoming page.

The winner also receives a bucket from our award winning collection and a chance to address the 2000 Tub and Pot Convention.

Three "second place" entries receive a cardboard box and some popcorn.

Decision of the judges is final. Odds of winning depend on how good you are, the assumed good taste of our judges, and number of entries received. Entries must be received by the deadline which is unannounced and occurs on a day ending in "Y" between 10-1-00 and 12-31-00. The Tub and Pot Club retains all copyright for all entries - winning or otherwise - and is not responsible if you send us copywritten material - like the CNN banner - and it wins, and then we get sued for violation of copyright - we'll turn right around and sue your ass for millions! Don't be a hoser. Multiple entries are encouraged. Judges can be bribed. Truth is relative. Pots are cool. Check back to this page in 2000 to see the winning entries. Winners will be notified by passenger pigeon or similar means.